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Tom's Wild Adventures in Timor!

Wild Timor Coffee Tom Mahon Welding A Coffee Huller

Tom's on the job!

Tom Mahon has just returned to us suntanned and exhuberant from Timor-Leste . His time there has mostly been spent in the village catching up with our Timorese chums and buying our annual king-size order of green coffee bean.


“The community is super happy this year; more and more farmers and families getting involved, seeing the growth on the ground has been amazing.”

- Tom M


While there, Tom  carried out an inspection and a few minor repairs on the village's water tank.

You may remember the Wild Timor Water Project- together with a bunch of amazing supporters, we managed to fund and install the tank in 2016.

We're proud to report it is still pumping out pure, clean water for our Timorese family.

Tom also purchased a gift for the Belumhato village —  a Coffee Huller.

Thanks to the support of our online customers who purchased coffee last month, we have come a long way towards funding this precious piece of equipment — creating more employment opportunities for our Timorese comrades.

 (Find out about what a coffee huller does here.)

Now this procedure can be done entirely in the village, employing 25 people to operate the machine and carefully sort through the green bean, removing any foreign objects or coffee with imperfections.

This little machine is going to have a big positive impact on the economy of the village. Hip hip, hurrah!

 Interested in joining us to make an impact? Buy a bag of Wild Timor Coffee.

"We look after our Timorese mates." - Tom Mahon


  • Well done Tom!

    Berry Stephen Maxwell
  • Always happy to hear how things are going. Visited the village in 2015 .I was having a look around other area’s of TL before heading out to Lacluta where we have a Friendship group which i had visited each year for 8 years. I have used your coffee ever since

    Liz walpole
  • Great work Tom, very inspiring.

    Chris Gray
  • Well done Tom!

    Maxwell Stephen Berry

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