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Coffee Processing 101: The Coffee Huller

Coffee hulling machine Fairtrade Organic


Have you ever heard of a coffee hulling machine?


We recently purchased one for the farmers who produce our delicious coffee, meaning more seasonal jobs will be available within the village (We previously had the hulling process carried out by a third party.)


Hurrah! But what is a coffee huller?


Well, it removes the parchment layer from the coffee bean — a crucial step in the journey of our coffee from plant to cup.


The hull, or parchment, is a papery layer around the coffee bean, left over after the cherries have been pulped, washed and dried*. A coffee hulling machine uses friction and air to quickly separate the parchment and leave behind the desired green coffee bean.


 Find out more about our recent trip to Timor-Leste and learn the story of our coffee huller here.



*Wild Timor Coffee beans are processed using the "semi-washed" method, involving the removal of the outer skin and pulp from the coffee cherries, followed by natural sun-drying and finally the removal of the endocarp, or parchment. The green coffee beans are then packed up and shipped off to Melbourne, ready for roasting, brewing and enjoying!



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  • Thanks for the info. We are also a group of women coffee farmers carrying out coffee farming and seriously in need of a coffee huller and possibly a mini coffee roaster and grinder to enable us also taste what we producer.

    I would be grateful if you could extend some gesture on collaboration.

    Thank you

    Margaret Mithamo.

    Margaret Mithamo
  • Where can i see informations about the build of Coffee Huller?
    I would like to build a small one for privet use.
    Thank you much for any help.


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