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Wild Timor Coffee: Order Delicious Ethical Coffee for Home. Social Enterprise supporting Timorese Organic Fairtrade Direct Trade

Wild Timor Coffee beans are more than just coffee- each one represents  support provided for a developing community.

Our motto is "Every bean counts" - we have found that over time, the little acts of support and generosity really do add up to make wonderful things happen.

We are more determined than ever to continue the work we began some years ago in Timor-Leste.



O U R    C O F F E E



Caramel, chocolate and cherry sweetness; hints of soft citrus and rum

 A natural hybrid of Arabica and Robusta beans, only found in Timor-Leste. Timorese coffee retains the excellent qualities of both, resulting in a hardy plant with a smooth, velvety flavour.


 H I S T O R Y

 Wild Timor Coffee was founded in 2012 by Shannon, Cameron, Tom P and Tom M.

Soldiers in the Australian Army, they were deployed to Timor-Leste with their comrades as peacekeepers to help with stabilisation in the troubled times of that era.

 The boys developed friendships with the village people in their area, and were indignant at the poor treatment they received- especially exploitation at the hands of coffee brokers, who offered far less than was fair for an excellent product.

Wild Timor Coffee was formed as a means of buying the coffee at a good price. The green coffee bean was duly paid for and shipped to Australian shores. With the amazing support of friends and strangers alike, we established our brand in Melbourne and opened our first café- Wild Timor Coffee Coburg.

 We continue to buy green coffee bean from our Timorese brothers and sisters each harvest we attend.  We offer them a fair price- usually determined by matching and raising the price of other buyers. We then bring it back to Melbourne where it is roasted and sold to our amazing customers.

 We're so grateful for our customers. We buy our green coffee bean on faith, trusting in the support of those who believe in our dream to get us through to the next harvest.


Every bean counts.