Social Programs

S C H O O L    U N I F O R M    P R O J E C T

SITUATION: The Dominican Nuns in the Oecusse Enclave (a District of Timor Leste) run a boarding school, a major cost to the nuns is providing school uniforms to approximately 70 school girls every year. A school uniform costs $25USD and each student is required to have two uniforms. The Dominicans provide students with amazing opportunities & life lessons and are advocates for providing education and training to the next generation of leaders in Timor Leste.

MISSION: To raise $5000AUD to fund the school uniforms for the next year.

EXECUTION: To Raise the funds required we will be holding events and using all the tips and donations from our to cafes to support the project.

ADMIN & LOGISTICS: More information will be promulgated on facebook and here when events are announced.

COMMAND & SIGNALS: WTC HQ is located in Abbotsford VIC and will facilitate all fundraising. WTC DILI will be responsible for the safe handling and transport of funds and uniforms.




L A U L A R A    B I R T H I N G    P R O J E C T

Development of the Laulara Birthing Centre by providing safe access steps and sheltered waiting area outside the building for expectant women and new mothers and their families.

External works will protect clients and staff from the risk of slipping on the rough informal path between the road and the adjasent Health and birthing centres.

Provide waiting clients with shelter from sun, wind and rain.

E S T I M A T E D   C O S T :  $19,475

F U N D S   R A I S E D :   $6,750

All purchases of Belumhatu Roasted Coffee Beans directly contribute to making the Laulara Birthing Centre safer.


P R E   S C H O O L 

The kids from the local area normally have to walk two hours each way along a busy main road to school. The kids are as young as three.

The local Belumahatu kids school blew down from wind and rain.

We have built a small coffee storage and sleeping hut which we turned into their new school. By night its our sleeping area and coffee storage and the next day a small pre school.

We are currently building a new school with three classrooms and a more sturdy permanent structure.



W A T E R   P R O J E C T 

G O A L :  Aim to raise $15,000

Funds raised cover the cost of two water tanks, labor and plumbing.

C O M P L E T E D :  August 2015

Support for this project was raised directly through our GoFundMe page and Belumhato Roasted Beans purchases - every bean counts!

Many serious diseases that the Timorese face today are due to unsafe or inadequate supplies of running water. The World Health Organisation recommends 20 litres of safe water per day for proper health and hygiene.

Daily, water is ferried kilometres by the women and children who could be working or at school.

Wild Timor’s mission is to provide access to year round clean water to the people of Belumhato.