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Completed Projects

M O I S T U R E   T E S T E R

During the last harvest we gifted our family a Moisture Tester.
The old method of biting the bean will continue to be used, but the tester now allows them to get a more accurate measurement.
This is another step towards making sure our farmers can always demand a fair price for their beans.

S C H O O L    U N I F O R M S

The Dominican Nuns in the Oecusse Enclave (a District of Timor-Leste) run a boarding school, a major cost to the nuns is providing school uniforms to approximately 70 school girls every year. A school uniform costs $25USD and each student is required to have two uniforms.
The Dominicans provide students with amazing opportunities & life lessons and are advocates for providing education and training to the next generation of leaders in Timor-Leste.
Wild Timor raised $5000AUD to fund school uniforms for students on the 2018 school roll.

L A U L A R A    B I R T H I N G    P R O J E C T

The Laulara Birthing Centre provides for expectant women and new mothers and their families.
Wild Timor raised funds to create better accessibility to the building with new paths and a sheltered outdoor area, making the Laulara Birthing Centre safer.

P R E   S C H O O L 

The kids from the local area normally have to walk two hours each way along a busy main road to school.
The local Belumhatu school blew down during a storm.
Wild Timor Coffee was able to provide a temporary schoolhouse while a new school with three classrooms and a more sturdy permanent structure was being built.