Sustainability – Wild Timor Coffee


Wow you were quick! 
we haven't even had a chance to update the page to go with the new QR code and bag ..... soooo we will give a couple dot points on what we have done in the last little while! (there will be some pretty pictures to follow.... hopefully....) 

- Our new bag you scanned the QR code from is now recyclable, just remove the little plastic valve from the back and throw that in your normal recycle bin, then place the coffee bag into your closest soft plastics recycle point (normally at the major supermarkets) 

- From the wholesale side of things we have introduced 4 and 8kg food grade paint pails (ie: large tins) for our larger customers, which we swap out each week at the next delivery, removing a HUGE amount of waste from the process

- lots more to follow, including sustainability updates from our Timor side operations!