Wild Timor Coffee


Growing wild under the jungle canopies of Timor Leste, our coffee is 100% pesticide free. Timor Leste has an absence of common plantation pests such as Khapra beetles and common leaf rust diseases, therefore our beans do not require harsh chemical methoyl-bromide solutions. A practice made common in other organically imported coffees.

N A T U R A L    H Y B R I D

Coffee plants have naturally combined in the jungles of Timor – Leste after years of neglect. A natural hybrid found exclusively within our tiny nation. Our beans carry a smooth, velvety Arabica flavour, with the intense caffeine hit of a Robusta bean.

S I N G L E    O R I G I N

Coffee beans are sourced directly from Aileu and Maubisse regions in Timor-Leste. Ensuring a single origin bean that carries an incredible special flavour.