Wild Timor Coffee

Wild Timor Coffee

C H E M I C A L    F R E E 

Growing wild under the jungle canopies of Timor-Leste, our coffee is 100% pesticide free. Using harsh chemical methyl-bromide solutions is a practice made common in other organically imported coffees. Timor Leste has an absence of common plantation pests such as Khapra beetles and leaf rust diseases, therefore our beans do not require these procedures.

N A T U R A L    H Y B R I D

Coffee plants have naturally combined in the jungles of Timor-Leste after years of neglect. A natural hybrid found exclusively within our tiny nation. Our beans carry a smooth, velvety Arabica flavour, with the intense caffeine hit of a Robusta bean.

S I N G L E    O R I G I N

Coffee beans are sourced directly from Aileu and Maubisse regions in Timor-Leste. Wild Timor Coffee have carefully chosen these single origin beans for their incredible special flavour.