Wild Timor Coffee's Quick Guide to Socially and Environmentally Consci

Wild Timor Coffee's Quick Guide to Socially and Environmentally Conscious Living


Wild Timor Coffee are often asked how individuals can make a difference. Actually, we believe the collective efforts of a community have just as much (perhaps more) impact as the business world does on working together for the greater good.

Our philosophy of "Every Bean Counts" means just that- even the smallest contribution has the potential to achieve something wonderful.

1. Mindful Spending

The way we spend our money matters. Every purchase we make is part of a string of decisions, and we believe the best decision is an informed one. A conscious consumer might do some background research, finding out about the companies they are supporting financially and where the products they are buying are coming from. For example: Are my eggs coming from healthy, happy chickens? Is the person making my clothes earning a fair wage, able to support their family? Is the charity organisation I'm donating to supporting to a worthy cause? Are they spending this money wisely and efficiently?

2. Volunteer

Trot down to your local soup kitchen to help out, offer your elderly neighbour a hand with moving their furniture, or work a shift at your local op shop. Our time is our most valuable asset and offering it lovingly is surely part of being a community that works together to bring about change.

3. Reduce Waste

By cutting down on our household waste we are reducing our landfill space, air and water pollution and preserving our wildlife. Part of being socially and environmentally conscious has to include efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Why not start using the Keep Cup you were gifted at Christmas? Or try out shopping at wholefood stores and using tupperware containers, rather than purchasing pre-packaged foods?


4) Smile More

Smiles have the power to change someone's day. Practising smiles as a daily routine is a simple way to enrich the lives of those around you- in the office, on the street, at the dinner table. (We have been trying this one out at Wild Timor HQ and can report positive results so far!)

5) Saying "Thank You"

Letting those around us know that they are appreciated is such a powerful tool for building a community that cares and values one another. Whether it's a quick verbal "Cheers", a thoughtful note, or a sincere message over Facebook, we think it's integral as part of improving our social awareness.


We hope these little tips prove helpful!

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