Wild Timor Coffee and Mental Wellbeing- Are You Okay?

Wild Timor Coffee and Mental Wellbeing- Are You Okay?

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We're just crackers about coffee.

It tastes great, and it gives us the kick that gets us going in the morning. Plus, we're told it boosts our metabolism. Awesome! But what if it also makes us happier?

 Mental health is becoming something of a talked-about topic in many circles. And Wild Timor Coffee are 100% behind positive promotion of mental wellbeing. Much progress has been made in raising awareness over the last few decades, with  organisations such as Black Dog Institute  and RUOK?  stepping out in boldness to help those who ask for it.

Celebrities are opening up and getting real. Jim Carrey, Kesha, and people closer to home like Triple J's Linda Marigliano are just a few examples. We really seem to be moving forward in leaps and bounds. 

 With all this happening, though, studies are showing that our mental wellbeing is, well, not so well. Over 2014-15 there were around 4.0 million Australians (17.5%) who reported having a mental or behavioural condition. 1

 The great news is, something as small as your morning cup'o'joe could be boosting your feel-goods long term.

 This study found that depression risk decreases with increasing caffeinated coffee consumption. 

 This 2016 study suggests that the risks of developing depression dropped by eight percent in individuals having a cup per day.

 With that in mind, we're so glad that we can contribute something so beneficial to Australians nationwide. Coffee, anyone?


If you are struggling with a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, please don't hesitate to seek professional health. A couple of organisations available are:


  • Beyondblue - Contact by phone at 1300 22 4636, or visit their website
  • Sane - Contact by phone at 1800 18 7263, or visit their website
  • Lifeline - Contact by phone at 13 11 14, or visit their website
  • Kids Helpline - Contact by phone at 1800 55 1800
  • Mensline - Contact by phone at 1300 748 99 78, or visit their website

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