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Wild Timor Carlton



Image Credit: Linsey Rendell

Visiting the Wild Timor Coffee Café in Carlton is a delightful experience.

The café is housed inside the historic walls of Carlton's beloved Kathleen Syme Library and Community centre. One might peep in here on a sleepy afternoon and quietly slip in next to a librarian enjoying their lunch, or a student fighting away yawns as they hunch over a battered and liberally stickered laptop.


Wild Timor Carlton proudly serve up our special single origin bean, alongside a simple, fresh menu that features local produce presented beautifully under the adept hands of competent cook Lauren.
The staff are firm friends of Wild Timor and we are perhaps a little biased in describing the crew as wonderfully quirky, hilarious, warm and kind.



It's a perfect spot to sit and mull over a book, or some life decisions, while exchanging pleasantries with the folks there. We invite you to stop by next time you are in the neighbourhood!


251 Faraday St, Carlton VIC 3053

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