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The Younger Heroes

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I spoke with Mark Wales, CEO of The Younger Heroes recently, to talk about the company and the amazing things they are doing in the lives of Aussie veterans and their families.

The Younger Heroes is a charity organisation that has been running since last year. At their core they are all about strengthening families, particularly the bond between parent and child. They do this primarily by running family focused technology-free camp camps. Veteran parents are encouraged to come along with their kids and participate in a variety of cooperative activities within the programme, learning survival skills such as shelter building, setting traps and much more. 

One parent told Mark, "I've had a chance to reflect on how I spend my time. I've realised I don't spend enough quality time with my family. It's been great to go into the wilderness with no technology."

On their most recent camp, The Younger Heroes were able to invest time into four families. Mark told me their vision is to expand outside of NSW and span across three different states- it would be amazing if they could extend this experience to as many as 120 families across the country.

To do this, though, they'll need lots of support! The Younger Heroes team are a small operation and welcome expressions of interest from volunteers. We encourage anyone who might like to lend a hand to get in touch with them via email at

Or head over to their website and fill out the online form.

Let's offer our support to this wonderful team who are working so hard to enrich lives and invest in things that really matter- the next generation.

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