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The Savvy Coffee Consumer's Guide to Reducing Waste During Lockdown

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Dear Melbourne, and all who are experiencing routines, relationships, jobs and lives being uprooted by COVID-19;


Well, here we are again.


As unreal, bizarre and uncomfortable following lockdown protocol is, we are grateful for the extraordinary community spirit that is emerging as we band together to brave out the storm.


For those of us who are spending long hours alone at home in this time, establishing some kind of routine is so valuable. Little things, simple pleasures, setting achievable tasks and taking up new projects can all play a fantastic part in maintaining our mental health. We have heard back from friends who are learning to crochet, learning to draw, even read and write Kanji.


Something that is well worth thinking about for those of us who have ample time on our hands is how we can reduce our waste, especially if we are house-bound.


Did you know that this month is international Plastic Free July?


When it comes to coffee, the waste sure does build up.


Takeaway cups are a major culprit- unfortunately, reusable cups are not accepted by many well-meaning Melbourne cafes at the moment. (The Victorian Government have released a fact sheet that covers this; read it here.)

One way to reduce waste on your takeaway morning coffee is to ask to go lid-free. Coffee cup lids are shocking in particular, not just for the planet but also for our health. 1

Coming back to home waste - it's worth assessing our coffee brewing method.

Coffee pods are an extremely popular at-home brewing option for ease and taste. However, Australians consume around 3 million single-serve coffee pods every single day and they are too small to be sorted correctly in the current recycling system.  Much of the aluminium and plastic that single-use pod capsules are comprised of is heading to the local landfill. Some eco-friendly alternatives to single use pods if you have a Nespresso® machine are the reuseable capsules manufactured by WayCap, Bluecup and SealPod. 2 These are all available on our website.


Caffitaly compatible capsules are also available at Crema Joe.


Alternative coffee brewing methods include:

  • French press
  • Stovetop coffee maker
  • Pour-over
  • AeroPress


For those who like a milky coffee, the NanoPresso extracts a beautiful espresso-style shot that can be used with a milk frother to make a very good at-home cappuccino.


We would love to hear about your Plastic Free July efforts!


Little changes make all the difference- that's why at Wild Timor Coffee, we really do believe that every bean counts!

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  • Thanks for the message. Brewing stovetop coffee is our ‘go to’ at this time. Wild Timor of course.

    Robyn Dusting

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