Pop the bubbly: We're Social Traders Certified! – Wild Timor Coffee

Pop the bubbly: We're Social Traders Certified!

Wild Timor Coffee have recently become Social Traders certified. Yippee!


This means that we're now officially recognised by the Australian government as a registered Social Enterprise.

The Social Traders organisation defines a social enterprise as:

  • having "a defined primary social purpose, environmental or other public benefit"
  • deriving "a substantial portion of income from trade"
  • reinvesting "50% or more of annual profits towards achieving the social purpose"1

Basically, rather than running on donations or fundraising, we predominantly rely on our commercial trade practises to function and give back to the Timorese. "Social enterprises are commercially viable businesses existing to benefit the public and the community, rather than shareholders and owners."2

Our customers know that by simply buying our coffee they're participating in something that gives back, not just to our community here in Australia but in Timor-Leste too.

Wild Timor Coffee can provide coffee and equipment for your office. To drop us a line about getting involved, send us a message via our contact form.

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  • Yesterday I opened my first Wild Timor coffee and it was a pleasure to drink it again! Last time was in November 2017 in Hong Kong. We have a coffee rostery here in Jaerna, Sweden, and I will bring them some beans for taste. I feel so happy having my coffee here!

    Eva Sandberg

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