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Meet the Villagers- Avo Fatima


The villagers of Belumhato are the beating heart of Wild Timor Coffee.

We're frequently blown away by their generosity, kindness and goodwill.


I'd like to introduce Avo Fatima.

Residence: Belumhato, Timor-Leste.

Age: Unknown.



Fatima is a pillar in the community.  "The hardest worker in the village", nods Tom sagely. 

"Before the Wild Timor Coffee sponsored the building of our Aileu HQ storehouse, she used to stay watch all night over the coffee, shooing away animals and thieves with a big stick." reminisces Cameron. "Any unfortunate that got too close would get a whooping."

Avo Fatima is a stickler for proper workplace ethics. Latecomers are properly put in their places.

"If she makes it to work before you, she'll crack 'Good Afternoon!'"


No one including herself knows how old she is- the only clue we have is that she
can remember the Japanese occupation during the Second World War.



We're so glad we can trust these beautiful people to source our delicious coffee with such faithful care.


NB: "Avo" is an affectionate term for "Grandmother" used by all.

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  • Wild Timor Coffee is blessed to have Avo Fatima on the team…. She leads by her actions…. Avo Fatima shows how much she appreciates all the benefits that Wild Timor Coffee has brought to her life and the people of Aileu. Thank you for sharing the story of Avo Fatima …. Beautiful…


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