MEET THE TEAM: Cameron Wheelehen – Wild Timor Coffee

MEET THE TEAM: Cameron Wheelehen

Cameron is a familiar presence at Wild Timor Coffee stocked cafés and restaurants around Melbourne.

He handles our deliveries with gusto, expertly maneuvering the iconic Wild Timor van through wind, hail, fire and even the dreaded hook turn.

Cameron is one of the four founding members of Wild Timor Coffee and a wealth of amusing anecdotes. He recalls an early experience in Timor-Leste;

"We saw all these things on the ground drying that looked like peanuts, we asked Jack, 'where did all the peanuts come from?' and he replied 'They’re not peanuts that’s coffee.'”

He has continued to build his repertoire of knowledge about the coffee industry and is also our designated roasting overseer.

Cameron can be found at the Wild Timor Coffee HQ five days a week, and like the rest of us, loves to have a yarn.

We encourage you to get in touch with any enquiries, or just to say hey!

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