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Looking after your Coffee Plant

Coffee plant Timor Organic Cherry Green

Even if it may not be the beginning of your very first bumper coffee crop, having a coffee plant buddy in the office or home lends itself delightfully to a great, fresh atmosphere.

 They're family-friendly, beautiful to look at and best of all, they don't drop their leaves.

We've put together a few tips on keeping your coffee plant happy and healthy.


1. Keep in indirect sunlight (near, but not in front of a window if possible)


The leaves are sensitive and may burn in direct sunlight.


2. Water regularly (without drowning)


Your pot should have good drainage.


3. Mist the leaves with a spray bottle if you can.


Your coffee plant will love this!


4. Fertilise once a month.


Let us know your tips on how you look after your coffee plant in the comments!

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