How to Kick Isolation's Butt – Tips From Wild Timor Coffee Drinkers

How to Kick Isolation's Butt – Tips From Wild Timor Coffee Drinkers

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For many of us, life as we know it has ground to a halt. For all of us, things have changed.

Some people are in a state of shock — many are consciously or unconsciously mourning for the lifestyle they were used to.

Small things like daily routines and rituals can help us to feel anchored and safe.

We asked a few Wild Timor Coffee drinkers for their tips on thriving in isolation for those of us who are struggling.

"Reach out to people if you can."

"Go for a walk with a friend. Animals really help. If you don’t have a dog, borrow someone else’s to walk. Jigsaws are great for passing the time."


"I always walk in the morning, and maybe a bike ride later in the day."

"It's rare that a person doesn't have at least one interest that could be nurtured or developed during this time."

"Even someone who loves hiking, rock climbing or the outdoors could be spending this time researching new routes to explore, and know all there is to know about their interest for future adventures.

 If you can't sit still for that long then downloading a mindfulness app and setting a routine to focus your inner restlessness might be exactly what you need. Also, stay aware of the bigger picture, for most of us this is an inconvenience that is forcing us to be constantly and completely aware of ourselves all the time... is that so bad?"


"Go for a walk."

"Phone a friend."

"Be grateful for your life."

"You are still living!"

 Wild Timor Coffee Veterans Tom Cameron Josh

"People are way more willing to video call than before."

"Do it over dinner/some drinks and it's kinda like going out (in the same way that other coffee beans are only kinda like Wild Timor Coffee Co ™ beans)."


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