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How To Brew Coffee Timorese Style

One of the highlights of our annual trips to Timor-Leste has to be having a delicious, fresh cup of joe, Timorese style.

The brewing method we encounter most frequently is the basic pour over method. There's a twist, though- it can be done with a sock.

The villagers actually use a deep, sock-shaped cotton filter. They are reusable- just wash each time. (Mother Nature smiles upon ye.)

Making coffee village-style involves placing ground coffee in the filter, positioning over a coffee pot or cup and pouring hot water directly on top. (See diagram below.)

Coffee Brewing Tutorial


We have also tried using an actual sock- results seem to vary, but we think it's perfectly acceptable as an on-the-go hack! (Make sure you wash the sock first.)


Ready to get started? You can buy pre-ground or whole bean coffee here.


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  • My husband and I had to laugh at the “sock” being used as a coffee filter and I’m sure going to give it a try . We lived in a village in Timor 2002 and the water from a well was filtered with a “sock” then…. brought back many memories.

    Leah Bracegirdle

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