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Easy ways to go Plastic Free!

It's Plastic Free July!

At Wild Timor Coffee, we understand what a challenge it can be to cut down on single-use plastic waste.

Amid the daily tsunami of things one has to do and think about, who has time to start a worm farm, sow a harvest crop of vegetables and start weaving plastic bags on a loom?

We've come up with a few simple ways to reduce plastic waste on a daily basis. You might be surprised at how much lighter your rubbish bin is at the end of the week!

Drink Green

Swap out your disposable cups for one you can use over and over.

Invest in a beautiful travel cup (We have some great ones for only $11 here!) or grab your favourite mug from home!

Just make sure you rinse it between uses, and you'll stay in your barista's good graces.


Bottle up

While bad for your emotions, this is a great tip for your water. Choose a great drink bottle that you can refill over and over, avoiding buying plastic drink bottles from the supermarket.


Step up your brew game

We Australians love our coffee, but disposable coffee pods really pile up in the landfills. Try switching up your brewing method to a French press or AeroPress, or if you're loyal to the pod espresso, you could give reusable Sealpods a whirl!


Raise your shaving standards

Disposable razors accumulate over time. Try switching to one with replaceable blades- they are generally better quality as well!



Containers, containers, containers! Lidded ones eliminate the need for clingwrap, which isn't recyclable. Filling them up with extra leftovers and taking for lunch is also a great tip- buying ready made lunches on the go can often result in unnecessary waste. Plus, you save money by making it yourself!


We hope these ideas are helpful. Every little step taken to reduce single use plastic waste really does make a difference.

Or, as we would say, "Every Bean Counts!"

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