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Direct Trade

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If you are a coffee-loving Victoria resident, chances are you may have heard the term "Direct Trade" slung around a few times.

Wild Timor Coffee identify as a Direct Trade practising company.

But what does that mean?

Direct Trade is a term used by coffee roasters who cut out the "middle man" parties to buy straight from the farmers.

This enables us to work closely with the producers, establishing close, mutually beneficial relationships. It also means we can ensure high quality of product, from the harvest all the way through to the cup.

Unlike a "Fair Trade" certification, there are no official check boxes for a coffee company to become "Direct Trade"; rather than being accountable to higher-ups, the company is accountable to the farmers, the consumers, and their own ethical standard.

For us, being a Direct Trade practising company means we can have a special one-on-one relationship with the farmers we trust and value.

We make frequent trips to Timor-Leste to see all our friends in the village of Belumhato and get updates on the coffee in its different stages.


Wild Timor Coffee are proud to identify as Direct Trade, and we welcome you to join us on our journey.

More on our "100% Direct Trade" page here.

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