Crash Course in Tetum with Channing Tatum: Ordering a Coffee

How to order a cup of coffee- in Tetum

Tetum is the native tongue of the inhabitants of Timor. It's actually one of two official languages spoken there. If you were planning on visiting anytime soon, it's definitely good to learn a few useful phrases.

As a Timor-Leste supporter,  why not try throwing some of these Tetum phrases next time you go out for a meal or coffee?

"One coffee, please."

"Cafe ida, Favor ida."

"How much is it?"

"Cafe ne presu hira?"

"This isn't what I ordered."

"Hau husu laos ida ne'e."

"Thank you!"



"Gosto tebes!"



Fun Fact: Mr Tatum drinks lattés. The tall kind.


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