Coffee for Ward 17 – Wild Timor Coffee

Coffee for Ward 17

Our mates at Young Veterans have been putting together a special something recently!

The Camberwell RSL and Tramways RSL have funded a year's supply of Wild Timor Coffee to be dropped off monthly by the Young Veterans crew to patients in Austin Health's Ward 17. The above snap was taken at their first visit last week.

Patients in Ward 17 suffer from mental illness. While they receive the absolute best care there, the coffee they usually have access to is a less palatable instant coffee.

Being able to make their own espresso coffee provides a much needed boost for many of the patients.

Thanks to our friends at Aussie Veterans Coffee Co, they were provided with their very own grinder and espresso machine last year.

We think it's a beautiful story of banding together to help those in need.

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  • Such a great cause to fund and a big upgrade from instant coffee!


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