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Coffee Classes by AMS

Cafe Wild Timor coffee espresso latte fairtrade organicWild Timor Coffee sure goes a long way. We have sent our beans to the US, Netherlands and even Japan. One place we didn't expect our coffee to end up is in a classroom.


Some of you may be aware of our connections to the Australian Marist Solidarity organisation.

We provide coffee as a fundraising item for various Marist projects- including a school for Timorese children in Lautem, Timor-Leste. We're amazed at the scope and heart of these wonderful people to make a real difference.

Now, through the AMS, our coffee is helping educate students in schools.

I had a chat with Brother Frank, who organised a few hospitality classes at the McAuley Champagnat Programme, which is part of Notre Dame College in Shepparton for students wanting some hands-on learning.

The students learned to manipulate Wild Timor Coffee beans for the perfect espresso extraction, and were soon steaming milk with gusto.

"They went from being a little hesitant, unsure of the machine... (to) confidence with the commercial machine."

The class also proved a great boost in social skills and self esteem. Brother Frank's pupils eagerly made coffee for many of the college staff members. "The staff loved it."

We're so delighted to see the impact of our coffee when in the hands of capable teachers.

Thanks so much, Australian Marist Society and Brother Frank!

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  • You have also sent the wonderful beans to me in SWEDEN! We love them and will continue to buy them!

    Eva Sandberg

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