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Certified Organic- Why We're Not


When we describe our coffee as organic, we mean that it's completely free of nasty pesticides and fertilisers. Wild Timor Coffee pride ourselves on our delicious coffee, sourced from the mountainous region of Aileu in Timor-Leste. The coffee plants grow wild there, and are hand picked by our Timorese brothers and sisters. No chemical substances touch our coffee beans in their journey from plant to consumer.


So why aren't our coffee beans "Certified Organic"?


Here's the truth.


Being a social enterprise, we prefer pouring any superfluous income and generous donations into various social programs and causes. (You can read up on them here.) We're dedicated to giving back whenever and however we can- the costly process of getting certified isn't as high on our priority list as helping our friends in need in a developing nation.


See, a lot of products that get imported into Australia have to go through rigorous quarantine procedures involving chemical treatments. Rightly so- unwanted pests such as the Khapra beetle coming into our beautiful country could wreak havoc on our environment.


The great news is, Timor-Leste is a relatively pest-free country, and our coffee is spared going through chemical decontamination treatments. We receive our green beans in all their natural goodness. Yippee!


We're as organic as it comes!

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