Bunyip Fires Relief – Wild Timor Coffee

Bunyip Fires Relief


Wild Timor Coffee's Tom Potter and Tom Mahon took the Wild Timor Coffee Cart to the Nar Nar Goon Football Oval to give our support on Monday the 5th of March.

"We were driving along the highway... We could see the haze."

The boys provided coffees free of charge to firefighters, police and volunteers. Many of the emergency services workers were exhausted, but we were touched by their gratitude.

Tom had been deployed at the infamous Black Saturday fires in 2009 and felt an awful sense of deja vu. We knew we had to help out with this tragedy by supporting in the best way we could.

"Everyone kept asking, 'Who's paying you to be here?' ...We were just happy to help out."

Overall, it was a heartwarming experience. The support from members of the community was amazing to see, with people bringing in care packs for the firefighters and bringing huge amounts of water up on their 4WD vehicles.

Our hearts go out to those affected by the fires and we will continue to offer our support in whatever ways we can.

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