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9 Things To Pack for Travel to Timor-Leste

Travel Guide Timor-Leste



Planning a trip to Timor-Leste? We’ve got you covered.


Cameron, Wild Timor Coffee director, shares a few tips on what to pack.



  1. Cash.


“If you can get a good exchange rate, stock up on US dollars before you go,” says Cam. “You don’t want to get slammed with foreign currency fees while you’re over there.”


  1. Power adaptor.

The commonly used ones are two-pronged- you’ll be able to find them over there, but it might be a struggle to articulate what you’re looking for to a local.


  1. Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen.

           “Slip, slop and slap. You’ll probably be outside a lot.”


  1. Torch.

Especially handy if you are staying in a rural location and need to use the toilet in the middle of the night. (For some, baby wipes might also be a good idea.)


  1. Mosquito repellant.

“Crucial. Also a good idea to take malaria tablets.”


  1. Clothing

“Dress for warm weather. Loose t-shirts, shorts, linen if you have it. Mind you, if you are staying in the mountains, it can get pretty chilly at night, so pack some warm trackies or pyjamas as well.”


  1. Swimmers

“Make sure you keep an eye out for crocs.”


  1. Footwear

“Sandals, thongs (flip flops), and a pair of sturdy shoes or hiking boots if you are headed inland.”


  1. Backpack

“Travelling light with a good pack pack makes for optimum mobility.”





Here’s hoping you found our packing guide handy!


Happy travelling from Wild Timor Coffee.

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