Bevy of Beverages Gift Hamper – Wild Timor Coffee Co.
Direct trade fairtrade organic coffee gift basket hamper

Bevy of Beverages Gift Hamper

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We've put together a selection of our favourite "hot drinks" for the ultimate setup-all ready to enjoy in one of our Wild Timor Coffee glass keep cups! What better way to let someone in your life know how special they are?

Whether you're after a golden latté, a rich cup of hot chocolate, the perfect cup of tea, or our classic Wild Timor coffee beans, this gift pack has you covered.


200g Wild Timor Coffee beans
50g Wild Teas Green Sencha Loose Leaf
250g Tea & Spice Wet Chai Mix
200g Grounded Pleasures Noir Drinking Chocolate
250g Grounded Pleasures Panela Sugar
60g Timor Trading Co Ruby Latte Mix

60g Timor Trading Co Golden Latte Mix
Wild Timor Coffee Keep Cup
Wild Timor Coffee Tea Towel

Presented in a delightful wicker basket!